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A matter of readings

“Moutiers” is a small town in the french alps and I recently knew that there is a book and image festival in this town. I knew it because I found on internet a promotional for this event…and it really drive me insane. Let’s be clear : I have nothing against the person who made that, but let’s say that there is things to do and things to absolutly not to do.

“Anyway, it was painful”

Then I say to myself, “ok then, stop being awfull and make it happen by yourself”

So, here is our proposition for the 2016 Moutier’s Books and Images Festival :livreetimage_affiche2   First of all :  too much information kills the information. Thus I began by reducing texts and keeping only the useful. Also for the typography, I reduced their number as two for the general identity, and only one for the poster. I made the same thing for colors by reducing to one with a small pink supported by the white.

I wanted this poster as a reflection of what we feel by reading or seeing an image, without using any of the symbols of the literary world, as well as by adapting the visuals codes of the contemporary culture.


We say ” in a book ” and not ” on a book ” to speak about what a book is telling. As if the book would had a depth beyond its physical shape. I thus wanted to recreate this deep sensation. Helped by grades, and ” hazy ” and mesmerizing pink, I wished to establish a real interaction between the spectator and the poster. Just like a book is only a greyscale text (or a grey text) at first sight, the poster invites to get closer or to go away, because it generates of the interest and returns to be a more playful medium. Moreover, I choose to change the tagline which means  ” carry me ” by “carry you “, because it is a poster, not a mirror. Inciting the passerby to the initiative of the reading, and by this I mean: carry you, yourself. Gotcha!

Given that we removed information, it is necessary to put back them somewhere else. To do that, we group all the useful and logistic event features on a portable and sustainable medium. Please discover the program of the Book Festival 2016:

programme_fetedulivre programme_fetedulivre2

Finally, I noticed that the communication of this event is a lot on Facebook, so here is  a variant for the facebook fan page :


Cleanand simple, it is all that I wanted to see. Communication volunteers, amateurs, slaves or professionals, I can only recommand you not to forget an important phase of your mission: research. And then if you do not want to make it, we are here !

Otherwise, congratulation for this initiative, as well as for the beautiful curated works.

I will sleep much better tonight …

( PS: please not to see any kind of hatred or intolerance of any kind in this text.) xoxo

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