Visual Agency


We Are...

Jolan Berard Co-Founder / Photographer / Graphism Enthusiast

I am born in the french Alps in 1994, where I grew up.
I start to sudy photography in 2012 in Nancy (France) were I graduated in 2015 from a Bachelor of Arts in Photography.

I met visual communication at the begining of my studies. Since there, I am a self-taught always learning and wishing to do my best.

Lucie Roitel Co-Founder / Fashion Designer / Communication Lover

I started studying fashion design in 2011, in Nancy and I obtain my diploma in 2014. I have always been concerned by the way we are talking or telling a message to each other, in fact that is why I really love acting on stage or in real life

That is why visual communication is a logic follow up of all of this.



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