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We are accepting
Projects Today.

We do not have an office and are often moving.

But thanks to that we know very well different area like the French-Alps, the France North-East, Miami, and soon Bruxelles.

This allow us to get a better understanding of the visual trending, and enforce your projects with what we learn.

So feel free to contact us, I am sure we can help you.

Muguette & Georges

Tel : +33 (0)7 71 75 90 76
Skype : jo.berard

Have A Question?

Do we need to meet each other physically ?

No. But of course, we always prefer seeing you in real. But if we have to work together from far away, with today’s ways of communication you can explain your needs online on Skype on WhatsApp or by phone.

What are your prices ?

We are attached to quality, so you will pay anyway to get our best. The price depends of the specifications of the work you want. Moreover, we have some interesting packages, we can send you by e-mail.

I did not get it, what can you really do ?

We can do : Branding Identity, Logotypes, Writing Papers, Flyers, Business Cards, Websites, E-commerces, all kind of Photography, and Videography.

We can offer too some advices in Comunication Strategy.

Do you take care just of the design of my project ?

Except if you ask for it, we always take care of the final completion of the project. For example for business cards we will work directly with the printer, and make sure everything is printed well.

How working with you look like ?

We will follow these steps : 1. Consult : We have to clearly understand the task and go into all details  2. Plan : We will make with you a retroplanning and choose a course 3. Make : Here we are completely on our own, making what you are waiting for  4. Proposal : This is when you decide to choose amoung our proposals. 5. Release : Finaly let go your project. 6. (Optional) Maintain : In the case of a website for exemple, if you do not have the time to keep it update, we can do it for you.


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